Hotel Lirico, Rome

Hotel Lirico, Rome

The flight from Marseilles to Rome took under an hour, just enough time for the flight attendants to distribute coffee and croissants. We were already descending when the coffee was poured. The airport in Rome is well marked in Italian and English, and their international symbol signage is visible, and actually takes you where you need to go. We had no trouble finding our way to the trains, where we caught the Leonardo Express, a direct train to Rome.

The Leonardo is roomy and air conditioned, unless, as happened with our train, the electricity cuts out on the outskirts of the city and the train comes to a dead halt. At first the in cabing marquee which had been showing the time and temperatures inside and out, continued to work. It read, in Italian, inside:28C, outside:36C. Then it too went dead and the temperature began to climb fast. Before it got too hot and stuffy, the train arose from its siesta and began to slowly crawl toward the Rome Termini. The marquee never lit up again, and the air conditioning remained off.


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