Getting Restless Again

BlueAfter a two year struggle complete with numerous calls to AAA, I think my 1982 VW Vanagon “Blue” is going to stay road worthy. ( I realize that’s a really silly statement from any antique VW owner, but one must be optimistic.)  If this  is true,  I’ll be  updating this site with  photos and observations as I tool around the countryside… In the mean time, on this site, I’m going to revisit some places I’ve already visited and other places I have lived, and round out the Maine and Caribbean sections, so check back soon. Moose by Earth and Fire Pottery

MyMoose on Fracnis Bay Beach St. John old friend Monica from Woodstock in Western Maine (Earth and Fire Pottery)  makes these stoneware moose. The one on Blue is intended to be a  shelf-sitter,  but I could not resist making it into a hood ornament. Right now that tiny mug Moose is holding is full of ice and snow, but look out come spring. Note: Monica  also makes real mugs just like the one Blue Moose is holding. Moose has traveled pretty wildly himself, you can see him in a different posture on the right. This time he’s on the beach at Francis Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands.


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  1. I’m so glad you’re getting back to writing on a regular – semi?- basis! You have a gift for it and I look forward to reading your posts. 😉

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